The Story of Coleman

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We had just finished dinner and the sun was starting to fade behind the trees. It was great to get the chance to go camping with my college buddies and we were trying to enjoy our last night together.

We had a nice fire going and some of the guys were hanging out by it. At the picnic table, Bob and Jim were laughing as they shared stories from our college days. It was getting a little dark and I went and grabbed my Coleman lantern, lit it and set it on the table. It seemed to provide just enough light to let us see each others expressions as the stories began to come out.

Remember when you tried to scale the science hall?” Bob asked Jim. “I never would have thought it would have turned out like that.”

I never had heard the story so I was intrigued.

What happened?” I asked.

Bob leaned forward and I could tell I was in for a good story. The light from the Coleman lantern caught the grin and wide eyes on his expression.

So, Jim had been planning this out for months,” Bob said. “He was a good rock climber who was looking for a new challenge. And every day he went in and out of that building for class. So he thought, ‘why not?’”

Jim was shaking his head, smiling.

Yeah,” he said. ”I had no idea what I was getting myself into.”

Coleman lantern lighting the entire area

Bob continued. “So, Jim had it all mapped out. His route, the date, the time. Everything. He was planning a route that would take him up to the lookout room on top of the building… three stories up. I told him he was crazy. But he just had that look about him that let you know that he was going to do this.”

Jim, you were always pretty crazy,” I said, laughing. “How did it go down?”

So, the outside of the building was faced with large stones that had big crevices between them. Perfect for rock climbing. I knew the security guard schedule and planned my ascent for 11:15pm, when he would have just passed by.”

Bob piped back in. “Yeah, so I went over there with Jim and he had this route planned going up corner where the two wings meet. He started up and almost lost his footing right off the bat. But then he regained it and began to climb like a squirrel.”

It was different than what I expected,” Jim added. “But once I got a little way up, I realized I could do it. There was a ledge between each floor, so when I got to each floor I was able to take a little break. It really wasn’t any different thirty feet up from five feet up. Before I knew it I was at the top. To get down easier, I tied my rope around a spire near the top and was just planning to repel down and leave the rope.”

Security Guard Outdoors

Unfortunately,” Bob chimed back in, “he didn’t plan on the guard making a return trip past the building… right as he reached the ground. Busted!”

We all howled in laughter as Jim’s face turned a deep red.


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