Thank God There’s A Camp Store

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I opened my eyes and looked up at the roof of our tent. I had slept pretty hard after a great day of hiking and canoeing the day before. I sat up and looked around the tent. My kids were still asleep but my wife was awake. I looked over at her and made motions with my hands of sipping coffee. She nodded her head.

I got dressed, slipped on some shoes and stepped out of the tent. I sometimes like to make my own coffee, but our site was so close to the camp store that I decided to save some space… and work. I made the short trek to the store and went inside. There were a few other campers there, looking around.

They had one of those automated coffee machines in the back of the store but I decided to take a look around first to see what else they had. Let’s just say anything and everything you could think of, when it comes to camping… and forgetfulness. It was like everyone who has ever gone camping unprepared got together and made a list and then they stocked the camp store with that whole list of items. Charcoal, lighter fluid, marshmallow roasting sticks, flashlights, sleeping bags, ponchos, bug spray. The list could go on and on.

As someone who often forgets some of these items, the camp store is a godsend. It’s like they’re saying “Don’t worry. You forgot something? We got your back.

Camp Store Hiking

I made my way back to the coffee station and looked at the options. Before I got there the coffee scent hit me and gave me a little wake-up. I grabbed a few large Styrofoam cups and filled one with a mocha and the other with a caramel macchiato. I placed some lids on them and took them up to the counter. Conveniently, there were donuts under a case right there at the counter. They looked lonely so I added a few to my order.

Got a big day planned?” the woman behind the counter asked me.

Yeah, we’re going to do some exploring today and check out the local attractions,” I replied.

Make sure you don’t miss the castle,” she said, smiling. “It’s a favorite around here.”

Castle?” I said.

Yep. Just head out the entrance, take a left, head five miles down the road, and take a right there. You can’t miss it. They sometimes host parties and receptions, but you can often explore it when it’s not reserved.”

The Local Medieval Castle

Thanks,” I said. “Sounds like a great place.”

She rang me up and I paid for our coffee and donuts. Then I headed back out the door and down the drive to our tent.

I had just arrived and my wife was sitting out at the picnic table. I handed her her coffee and donut and took a seat. I told her about the castle and she said it sounded like a great idea. There was just one thing. It was supposed to rain and we hadn’t brought any ponchos.

I stood up, said “I’ll be right back,” and headed back… to the camp store.


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