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The Two Types Of Lanterns

With the innovation of technology, there are many types of lanterns which we can find easily the lantern store. The model of lanterns is also available in various designs which make you have a choice to choose the best lantern in term of model in design. If you are looking for best camping lantern, knowing the types of lanterns before you buy the lantern will be a worth to make your camping adventure becomes more enjoyable.

In this modern time, camping lantern is not only used as a source of light when you go camping but also it can be use the additional ornament or lighting for your home. If you want to buy a lantern, below are some types of lanterns you need to know:

1. Electric Camping Lanterns
The electric lanterns are the types which use light emitting diode or LED light. It is also use a battery as a source of energy which can be recharge and has longer lifespan. This type of lanterns provides a good light and it is safe if it used around the kids because LED light will not generate the heat and light brighter.

2. Fuel Camping Lanterns
Fuel Camping Lanterns utilize a fuel to run the light. This fuel is frequently one of the accompanying: Propane and Butane. This fuel makes flares that can bring about a potential fire danger. This is not an appropriate light for kids. Another risk is the glass globe the light uses, which crushes effortlessly. But, the lantern can create an incredible light and are impervious to most climate conditions. This light is very appropriate for you camping area which need more lighting.

If you are looking for a lantern for a camping, it is highly recommended to decide what your need first before you buy the lantern, either electric or fuel camping lantern.