Remember The Hot Dogs…

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Did you remember everything?” my wife asked as we merged onto the freeway.

I think so,” I replied, with a little hesitation in my voice.

When you go camping, remembering every item on your camping equipment list can be a daunting task. I started to go through the list in my head. Tent. Check. Sleeping bags. Check. Tarp. Check. Camp chairs. Check. Rechargeable lantern. Check. Flashlight. Check.

As we continued down the road, I had a nagging feeling that I’d forgotten something, but just couldn’t pinpoint it. It took us another few hours to get to our campground and I just couldn’t get that thought out of my mind.

We finally arrived, just before lunch, and I was anxious to get things set-up and make lunch over the fire. We pulled into our parking spot by our campsite and began unloading our camping equipment from our van and setting it out by our spot. With each item I took out, I felt a little bit better about my planning.

Why don’t you get the fire started while I get the lunch food unpacked?” my wife asked. “Then we can get the tent set-up and everything else.”

Our tent set-up at the camping ground

Sounds good,” I replied. I found the wood that I had packed. Starter log. Lighter. Kindling.

I set the wood up just the way I liked it and lit the starter log. Soon it had small flames licking on its sides and it was catching the kindling on fire. Several minutes passed, and a nice little fire was starting up.

I went over to our stack of stuff to find my cooking tripod. I looked all through the stack. No tripod. Ouch. That was going to drastically change how and what we could cook.

Um, honey,” I said.

Yes,” my wife replied.

You know that cooking tripod?”

Yep. Are you going to set it up.”

Well…” I said. “It’s hard to set up something that we don’t have.”

You forgot the tripod?!” she asked. “I hope you have another plan.”

Hot dogs on campfire

I went rummaging through the rest of our equipment and found our solution. Hot dog cooking sticks. We had planned burgers, but that was going to be a little difficult. But, I figured we would try something new.

I grabbed some of the ground beef, laid it onto a piece of foil, and then rolled it up into a little roll and sealed it. Then I placed that roll between the two prongs of the hot dog stick and wrapped more foil around the whole thing to hold it all in place.

What are you doing?” my wife asked, with a smirk on her face.

Improvising,” I responded. “When you forget the tripod, you’ve got to try something else.”

So, I tried to cook the “burgers” with the cooking sticks and I just had to guess how long to cook. I rotated them and tried to keep them from burning.

After what seemed like long enough, I took them off, set them on the table and began to open them up. Two foil-lined packages of charred meat stared back up at us.

How about chips for lunch?” I laughed.

I’m one step ahead of you,” my wife replied.


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