Rechargeable lanterns: A vital camping gear

Camping is one of the most rejuvenating activities and hobbies. A camper is always at peace of mind, because spending time away from the hustle and bustle of city life is always relaxing. Camping and a place filled with tranquility is indeed a vital experience everyone should take. Being regular with camping, I have visited several different destinations and camped there. With all my necessary gear like tents, basic utensils, camping chairs and sleeping bags, I thought I am one of those who always carries what is required.

But not until I realized how important a flashlight or LED light was important while camping in the woods. I always used to carry candles or torches to camps, but once I bought the rechargeable lanterns, I got to know what kind of convenience I was missing out on.

Battery powered lantern comes in different sizes and patterns, and you can choose according to what you need. Once you are sure about the size of your tent, number of people and the destination you are visiting, buy the most suitable one.

Camping supplies - lantern

I often visit the woods over hilltops. So, I need a powerful and bright light in order to defeat the darkness inside the dense woods. If you are visiting a hilltop or other open space, you can choose a less bright and dimmer light.

To give you more information about why I am in awe of camping lights, I would like to summarize why I felt rechargeable lanterns or LED lights are a vital camping gear everyone should have.

Saves from inconvenience

Convenience is the most important factor why I recommend LED flashlights to every camper. You cannot practically sit in the dark and spend the entire night while on a camping trip. It becomes easy for everyone to camp if there is adequate source of light. Plus, candles and torches have to be held in hand in order to see something specific. Lanterns on the other hand just need to be hung at a place, and everything around gets lit up.

USB powered LED light

Keeps everything and everyone safe

When I camped into the woods for the first time, all I feared was getting attacked by wild animals. Though nobody goes in woods where dangerous carnivores rule, you cannot ignore the possibility of wild animals arriving as guests to your tent. Bonfires keep them away, but it is not a sure shot way because bonfires can go off anytime. In this case, battery charged lanterns win the case.

Gives more freedom to move around

When you have a reliable source of light like battery powered lanterns, you are free to move around from place to place. If you are enthusiastic and excited to explore the forest, walk on the hilltop or get to see the area around your campsite, camping lanterns will always come handy. With them, you will be able to go around everywhere, no matter how dark it gets.

Makes everything clear to eyes (obviously)

This might sound funny, as the sole purpose of lights is to make everything visible. But when you use candles or torches, the light is spread only in a specific area, whereas when you use a lantern, light is evenly distributed all over. You do not have to repeatedly aim the source of light towards the things you want to see.

Best portable LED lantern

Cost effective

Camping lanterns are not very expensive. Plus, even if you buy an expensive one, they are a one-time investment. You do not need to buy wood or torch batteries for lighting up your campsite. Once you buy the lantern, you only have to recharge its battery and voila! You have it ready to use whenever you want.

Environment friendly

You definitely do not want to visit a naturally beautiful place and light a bonfire over there. This might burn the grass and trees around and can also increase the risk of dried trees or bushes catching fire. Yes! This has happened a lot of times with people who do not take safety measures while building a campfire. So, to save yourself from all this, it is better to use a battery powered light so that you stay safe. Plus, they do not produce any smoke which will be harmful to the environment, unlike the smoke coming from bonfire.

Well, I never had a battery-powered lantern before this but now that I have bought it, I understand how important it is. It completely enhanced my camping experience and made everything so convenient and comfortable. If you are a person who is into regular camping or wants to get into it, a camping lantern is something you should have in your sack.

Camping without a battery powered lantern these days is a really outdated concept. I was a camper who wanted to stick to the authentic basics of camping like using bonfires and oil lamps, but once I used this lantern, I realized everything was so easy.

You go and camp in order to relax, and not to put yourself into tough situations and hardships. So, if you want your weekend camp to be a relaxing experience rather than a blunder or vacation nightmare, consider buying a camping lantern. Preferably buy one with a warranty so that if you face any usage issue or product error, you can get it fixed or exchanged easily.


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