Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.

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My son and I sat inside our tent as we heard the rain pouring down outside. Any thought of getting back out to have a fire was pretty much gone at this point. It was already dark and hard to do much of anything except wait it out under the protection of our rain fly.

What are we going to do for the rest of the night?” he asked.

I’m not sure,” I replied. “Maybe this would help us figure it out.”

I reached into my bag and pulled out an unopened package of chocolate chip cookies. I opened it up and handed it over to him.

How about a game?” I asked.

What kind of game,” he replied, then stuffed a cookie into his mouth.

I rummaged through my bag and found a pack of cards. I pulled it out and handed it to him.


Sure,” he said with a smile. Somehow, even with the randomness of the card game, he always seemed to beat me.

It was starting to get a little too dark for cards so I rolled over and grabbed my rechargeable camping lantern from the corner of the tent and sat it right next to us. Thankfully, I had charged it up before our trip. It was certainly coming in handy now. It lit up the center of the tent and was casting our shadows up against the ceiling.

Our tent setup in the rain

I shuffled the cards and split them up into two decks. I kept one and handed the other to my son.

We both flipped our cards. He had a king and I had a jack. Rats.

Next flip. I had a nine and he had a ten.

We kept flipping and he kept winning. But then, we tied. Then we tied again. After the fourth tie, he flipped a queen. This was my chance. I flipped… a three. He grabbed all the cards with a smile.

The game continued and my deck got smaller and smaller as I donated to my son. Finally, he put me out of my misery and he won.

We put the cards aside and dug into the cookies again.

For a while, we sat in silence, except for the sound of munching cookies. The rechargeable camping lantern lit up our faces and the crumbs falling out of our mouths.

What did you enjoy the most today?” I asked. We had spent most of our day hiking at a nearby trail. We had stopped for lunch next to a big waterfall and tried to investigate a few caves along the way.

I loved the waterfall,” he replied. “Especially when we went back behind it. It was like a secret hideaway back there.”

Waterfall at our hiking trip

I think that was one of my favorites as well,” I said. “Though a close second was when you tried to jump across the creek… and didn’t quite make it.”

I hope my shoes dry out,” he said, smiling.

We talked for a while longer, telling stories, laughing and just enjoying our cozy, dry night inside the tent.

Then we turned off the lantern and dozed off to sleep.


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