Outdoor Recreation – Family Time

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My son and I woke up slowly in our tent. We could hear the sounds of the birds nearby, singing out their wake-up call. We were excited for what the day would hold for us. We got dressed, grabbed a quick breakfast of danishes and juice, and then my son realized we still had some time before our big trip.

He grabbed a football out of the back of our van and motioned for me to go long. Football isn’t often tied to camping, but when your family loves football it tends to show up everywhere. I ran across the field next to our site as the ball sailed high overhead. Just when I was about to grab it I tripped over a divot in the ground and lost my balance… and the ball. We threw around for a bit and then I checked my watch again. It was time.

There are many aspects that I love about camping. But one of the best is the chance to explore all kinds of outdoor recreation. Swimming. Canoeing. Hiking. Football. The list goes on. For us, that day, canoeing was our recreation of choice. We hopped into the van and headed out of the park and down the road. Several minutes later, we arrived at the canoe livery, grabbed our stuff and went to check-in. There was quite a line and everyone seemed to have the same idea that we did.

We finally got set-up and headed to get our canoe and launch. The sky was a beautiful blue overhead and the temperature was perfect. We were led to a canoe and we each stepped in and grabbed a seat. We were pushed out into the current and before we knew it we were gently drifting down the river. We had a five mile canoe ride ahead of us and had packed our lunch to eat along the way.

For a while we just rowed gently, enjoying the scenery. But then we decided to try to see how many people we could pass. So, we kicked our rowing into high gear and picked up some steam. It took us a while to catch the first group, but one by one we began to slide up alongside and then leave each canoe in our wake.

After passing quite a few, our arms told us it was time for a break. So, we just relaxed and let the river take us along. Along each side of the river we saw campground after campground and the campers were out next to their RV’s and campsites, cooking breakfast or maybe lunch. We’d wave as we’d pass and wonder what they were planning for the day.

A few hours into the trip, we got hungry and found a place to pull over to the side on some rocks. It was shaded and provided a great lunch spot. After chowing down on some PB&J sandwiches, an apple and some water, we hit the river again to continue our trip.

A few hours later, we found our pickup spot, hopped on a bus, and made it back to the parking lot. As we drove back to our campsite, I looked at my son and smiled. It had been a great day.


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