Hunting Coyotes.

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I was sitting out on the porch when I heard them. Coyotes in the far field, howling. I had already lost too many of my chickens to those pests and had been waiting for the opportunity to try to put a stop to it. It would be pretty tricky hunting them at night but I didn’t want to miss my opportunity.

I stood up, walked inside, and headed to the basement. I got on my gear, grabbed some ammo, mounted my tactical flashlight onto my rifle and headed out the basement door to the side yard. I stopped to listen again. I didn’t hear anything but knew which direction I’d heard the howls coming from, so I headed out.

Coyote roaming the fields

I stayed close to the back side of the barn and headed to the far corner. There was just enough moonlight to light my path but I would definitely need the flashlight to see those coyotes out there at night. The wind had picked up a little bit and I could feel it biting through my jacket as I crossed the back field to the fence.

I stopped again to listen. More howls. This time, much closer. They sounded like they were coming from just over the next hill. I walked along until I got to the gate and crossed over into the adjacent field. I stopped and raised my rifle up, flipping on the tactical flashlight so that I could get a clear glimpse of the coyotes. The flashlight was awesome because it cut like a laser straight across the field and I could see through my sights like it was daylight. I scanned the top of the hill but didn’t see anything.

My best tactical flashlight

I proceeded up to the top of the hill to the large oak in the middle. This would provide a good spot to lean against as well as a possible escape if I needed a quick getaway. I pulled the rifle up again with the flashlight on and scanned the lower, back field. I felt my pulse quicken a bit as a coyote passed through my sights. Then another. I kept scanning and found four in total. They were headed across the field toward the back gate.

They were pretty far off, but I thought I could get a good shot off as long as they kept moving. I had one in my sights and was leading it. I pulled the trigger and the shot ran out through the night air. I have to admit, it even startled me a little. I barely missed behind him and the pack started to take off even faster. I pulled the rifle down and started running in their direction.

I stopped halfway to the far gate and pulled up the rifle and scope. My heart was beating wildly, both from the running and the thought that they could come at me from behind. I scanned along the fence, then continued all the way back around to the oak tree and around. No sight anywhere. No howls. Nothing. Just the sound of my breathing. It seemed I was out of luck that night.

But next time, I would be ready.


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