Fishing Trip

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I could feel my body still waking up as I hopped into the car. It was still dark out and I wondered to myself if people were actually supposed to be awake that early. I pulled out of the driveway and drove down several empty streets, eventually arriving at the corner convenience store.

I love this store because they’re open early and they always have what I need. That morning, my need was bait. I walked in, headed over the their bait cooler and found what I was looking for. I’m partial to good ol’ night crawlers and mealworms. So I grabbed a container of each, paid, and headed back out to the car.

This was going to be my morning. I could feel it. I’d been planning this little fishing trip for a few weeks and just knew that those little rascals would go crazy for my lures today. Or maybe it would be like all the other times where I caught next to nothing. Hard to say.

I pulled out and headed down the road. On my way to my favorite fishing hole, I thought about my dream fish. I had heard about some huge bass that were in that lake. Maybe they just needed the right person to come along to reel them in. In my head, I visualized pulling back on that reel, fighting that bass, and reeling him in.

bass fishing

I drove for quite a while, passing a few cars here and there. The sun was far from rising, but the sky was slowly beginning to lighten. I had to get out there quickly while the fish were still waiting for me. Eventually, I found the dirt road that led back to my secret spot. I pulled the car, parked it, and proceeded to get all my equipment out of the back. Grabbing a couple of different rods, my bait, my tackle box, a bucket, a net, and more, I headed down the path from the car to the edge of the pond.

When I got there, there was still a little bit of a mist on the surface of the pond. “Perfect,” I thought. They’ll never see me coming. I got out my night crawlers, put a nice juicy one on my hook and let out a beautiful cast a little ways out from the shore. The lure and bait sunk down while that white bobber top sat atop the water to let me know when it was time to pull.

I watched. And watched. And watched. Nothing. Finally, I slowly began to reel it in. I got it all the way back and cast it out again, a little ways off from the first one. Again, I waited. But this time I didn’t have to wait long. I had just looked away to watch a passing bird when I felt that tug on my line. I pulled up as quick as I could and then began to reel in on my way down. Wow, this was a big one! It was pulling and fighting like nothing I’d seen before.

I continued to pull and reel and pull and reel and then just reel. I watched as it leapt out of the water, still trying to get away. Just getting that glimpse made me smile. I kept fighting and it kept getting closer and closer to shore. Finally, I had him close enough and swung him over my way. He landed on the ground and began flapping around like crazy. I got a hold of him and held him up. He was even bigger than the one I had imagined in my head. All I could think of was telling this story one day… “I caught a fish… this… big.” What a catch!


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